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Payments & FinTech Magazine Q1 2021

This edition of our FinTech Magazine provides readers with insights on how the developments in 2021 will further shape the future of Financial Services. Features from Marqeta, Giesecke+Devrient, TIS and more.

The Visual Experience: A New Platform

If this is the first time you are seeing our magazine, a very warm welcome. For the returning readers, some even going back as far as our first edition in 2016, the current setting might be new so hereby a short overview of the changes aimed to further improve the reading experience! The magazine now has:

  • A fully designed version for our digital publishing platform & print (Best read on tablets and comparable)
  • Standalone webpages for all articles (optimised for any device)

Content Q1 2021 - FinTech Magazine

In this overview page, you can see a brief introduction to all the articles covered in the Q1 edition of the magazine, with links to all the articles - or available above, in the “visual experience” frame.

G+D: Securing Everyday Digital Payments (Page 4-11)

How Secure are your digital payments?

This article by G+D provides exclusive insights on changes in the eCommerce landscape with predictions that online retail would grow 18.5% in North America in 2020, reaching 20.2% overall penetration. With the online shopping behaviour continuing to increase, how adaptable are you and how secure are your online payments? Read all about eCommerce, tokenisation and online payment security it in the Article.

Marqeta: The Age of Digital Builders has arrived (Page 12-17)

The Age of Digital Builders

This article gives specific insights about the ever-expanding infrastructure that forms the foundations of the fast-growing API economy. Why are open-API’s of significant importance to card programmes? Read All about it in the article.

TIS: Strengthening Team Spirit in Times of Crisis (Page 18-23)

Stefan Berndt, Head of HR at TIS, talks one through the HR perspective, and actions during times of an pandemic in an unique & innovative view on how to empower your team spirit. Read all about leading & adapting through a crisis, whilst involving people in decision making with open communication here.

List: Top 5 Highest Valued Challenger Banks in 2021 (page 24-29)

We’ve witnessed rapid growth in the financial landscape over the past decade, which generated a fertile ground for challenger banks to prosper, competing with and even exceeding the value proposition of the established traditional banks.

PaymentGenes Partners with Stepstone Corporate Finance+ (Page 30-33)

Interview with: Ruud van Hoek, Jurgen van Dijk from Stepstone & Ward Hagenaar from PG

PaymentGenes is extremely excited to announce its partnership with StepStone Corporate Finance+ to assist and prepare companies in the M&A process. In this interview with the two partners at Stepstone, Ruud van Hoek, Jurgen van Dijk, and Ward Hagenaar (co-founder PG consultancy) some interesting perspectives on how this combination of FinTech & M&A expertise will provide unique, yet highly strategic assessments are covered.

Let Your Avatar Pay (page 34-37)

“The smartphone is becoming the new wallet.” Such has been observed by the Global Payments Report, and accurately at that. With over 3 billion smartphones in use every day, the mobile transaction market is estimated to exceed 7 trillion euros by 2027. Read all about Avatar Pay here.

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