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Interim SOlutions

Disciplined-Professionals Generate Instant Solutions

Active Database

We continuously add new specialists to our database by actively headhunting and meticulously qualifying them on expertise and interest.

Holistic Screening

Together with our in-house consultancy we are able to professionally match and screen specialists before we introduce them.

Industry Network

We have an extensive personal network of professionals and partners to connect your company with.

Process Management

Our pro-active management style supports and leads the process from A to Z to make a placement.

Goal & Solution Oriented

Our goal is to deliver a proper and efficient solution for your need of temporary expertise to reach goals fast.

Deploy Interim Solutions Throughout All Specialisms

The payments ecosystem is more diverse than ever before, becoming more complex, globalized, and localized at the same time.
Leveraging data & a payment strategy is essential to track, understand, and empower business growth.

Some examples of the Interim Solution positions we work on within Payments & FinTech:

Product & IT

  • Product Owners/Managers
  • Customer Journey Experts
  • Frontend, Backend and Fullstack Developers
  • Software Development Engineers
  • DevOps Specialists
  • Mobile Developers/Engineers

Data & Analytics

  • ETL or Data Warehouse Developer (DWH)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • (Big) Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Management
  • Data Modelling
  • Marketing (Intelligence) Analyst

Risk & Compliance

  • Compliance Officer - GDPR - PCI DSS - PSD2
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Know Your Client/Customer (KYC)
  • AML, CTF and Sanction screening
  • Risk Officer (Credit, Financial, Operational)
  • Fraud Officer
  • Data Privacy and Governance

Change & Project Management

  • (IT) Project / Program Manager
  • Business Analyst (IT, Reg, Funct)
  • Information Analyst
  • Scrum master
  • Agile Coach
  • PMO
  • Change Manager
Hire Interim SpecialistsInterim Management

The Next Steps


Identifying Your Needs

We want to understand your organisation, company strategy and product roadmap in and out. The more we know, the more it enables us to help achieve your short and long term goals. Whether that’s strategic advice or assistance with making key strategic hires.


Understanding Job Requirements

To meet and exceed your expectations, we will do an in-dept qualification to be able to attract the best possible contractor available to take on the task. Also we will discuss and advice on the process you and your organisation will go through to make this a success and manage each other’s expectations.


Network Approach

Once we have the information required we will reach out to our extensive network that we have built over the years. First we consult our network of specialists that we have a trusted relationship with and if necessary widen our search from there. We do this discretely and with the highest level of integrity as our aim is to build longterm relationships.


Introducing Contractors

Introductions are done when we have thoroughly discussed the assignment with the contractor. Depending on the assignment, this can also be done together with our in-house consultants present. We use a simple and straight forward introduction that makes it efficient for you to determine the possible match.


Managing of Interview Process

Planning, preparation ad feedback are vital to the interview process and we ensure everything runs smoothly. We collaborate closely with both sides throughout the process to make sure contractors are up to date with their progression and we partner with the you to manage the entire process frictionlessly.


Finalizing Onboarding & Placement

We handle the contract finalisation and onboarding swiftly and professionally to ensure a successful and enjoyable hiring process for both you and the contractor. From there we maintain close contact to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

Knowledge & Interim Network
Exceeding Industry Boundaries

We are here to help our partners grow and gain a competitive edge by delivering temporary expertise across multiple fields in the industry. Our DNA resolves around Payments Knowledge and will be used to develop long-term relationships from a consultative and personal perspective.

Together with PG Recruitment and our in-house consultancy we are continuously expanding our professional network 
and staying up-to-date with developments in the contract market, as well as the progressive needs of our clients.

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Future-proof & Well-Equiped
Organisational Transitioning

Let us source your transition organization and leave behind a well equipped standing organization. Different from traditional consultancies, we manage the best consultant fit for every project. Ourselves, our network or in collaboration.

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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Bob Koster - Sales Director

"Paymentgenes has been excellent from my perspective. Since the first time that I contacted them trough linkedin I received I warm welcome, showing interest in my profile even though I was located in South America far from Paymentgenes' field of action. I was introduced to several companies and they didn't give up until they found the right job for me. One point to highlight is Borja Gonzales my recruiter who was always aware of my selection process and giving me constant feedback. Kudos for such a great person and professional."

Giulio Montemagno
General Manager - Amazon Pay Europe

"PaymentGenes has done some very good work helping us source great talent in the payment space. Obviously, our ambition is to create a successful payment franchise over the next few years. To do that, we need to be able to attract the very best possible talent in each market. I believe that PaymentGenes network in the payment business, its presence all over Europe and the track record that we have started building together will enable us to do so. To me, these are very encouraging signs of our partnership over the next few years."

Peter Majgaard (candidate)
VP Business Development - Konsentus

"I have had the pleasure of being approached by PaymentGenes. The result is, that I am now in a new exciting job. The process was very professional with an extraordinary level of dialogue with the PaymentGenes consultants. The two contacts, I talked to had a strong understanding of the Payment Industry and we actually had several strategy discussions, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

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