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Payments and FinTech Magazine #1 2022

The Q1-2022 issue of the Payments and FinTech magazine is here! This edition provides you with insights into the latest FinTech trends and developments in 2022. Read all about: the new iDEAL and how it is revolutionizing payments in the Netherlands, how payments can facilitate sustainable mobility by Cybersource, Pledg on providing white label BNPL solutions, PayByFace on facial biometrics checkout, G+D on how How FinTechs can help save the planet and even more!

FinTech News Coverage in Payment Magazine on consumer payments, BNPL, environment and more!

Content Overview

In this overview page of the FinTech Magazine Q1 2022, you can see a brief introduction to all the articles covered in this edition of the Payments & FinTech magazine by PaymentGenes with links to all the articles.

CyberSource: How Tokenization is Transforming Urban Mobility

There are many drivers for transit operators to enable open-loop tap-to-ride payments. But how are leading companies navigating that journey and how is tokenization transforming mobility? Read this interview with Ken Ritchie, Senior Director at Cybersource, to learn the best-practice approaches to roll out seamless mobility solutions.

Currence | The New iDEAL: Ready For the Future

Back in December 2020, iDEAL’s brand owner Currence announced that it had started working on the new iDEAL, and bits of information about the rehaul have been released since then. iDEAL saw the light of day in 2005 and has grown out to be the most frequently used online payment method by Dutch consumers. Read this interview Daniel van Delft, CEO at Currence to learn more about the new iDEAL.

Pledg | Buy Now Pay Later: an Outlook on 2022 and Beyond

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) phenomenon was one of the most anticipated developments in e-commerce in 2021. COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to everything digital in many different sectors, and e-commerce was no exception. Read this interview with Nicholas Pelletier to discover the latest developments in the sector and how providing white label BNPL solutions can transform the consumer experience.

G+D: How FinTechs Can Help Save the Planet

In the ever-evolving payments landscape, Fintechs have a unique opportunity to build corporate social responsibility into their core values. Sustainability needs to be a key part of this strategy, in order to resonate with the customers Fintechs are seeking to acquire. Eco awareness has reached an all-time high, and most companies in the payments ecosystem are responding to the new demands of consumers.

Read about providing eco-friendly financial solutions in this article with G+D

PaybyFace: Will Facial Biometrics Replace Traditional Payment Methods?

We've been introduced to biometric technology through movies since the 1960s, and still, we have not embraced biometrics even today. We dream of the future and often remain bound to existing frames we need to comply with. In this article, PaybyFace provides us with key takeaways in this seemingly futuristic application of complete frictionless payments & the benefits of facial biometric payments.

Read all about facial biometric payments here

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