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Comprehensive Training

Our academy provides comprehensive training programs that equip professionals with the necessary knowledge to navigate the complexities of the payments industry.

Solve Industry complexities

Our curriculum demystifies industry jargon, processes, and complexities. We offer clear explanations, real-world examples, and practical exercises for a solid grasp of payments industry concepts.

Expert-led Education

Gain practical skills and industry insights to excel in the dynamic world of payments. Our unique learning content is crafted from a blend of our in-house expertise, a proven track record in professional services, and niche expertise enabled by our extensive network.

The Foundation Course Material

The Payments Value Chain

In Module 1, we explore the fascinating history of the payments value chain (PVC), the complexities of the PVC and discuss the four and three-corner model, the cards PVCS, the PVC for alternative Payment methods (APM), the various key players involved in the payment process and pricing.

Card Payments

in Module 2 we explore the wide-ranging impact on the global economy of Card Payments. Get ready to discover the nuances of physical and virtual cards, the benefits of prepaid debit and credit cards, as well as the intricacies of data reading from these cards.

Transaction Processing

In module 3 we dive into the heart of digital payments: Transaction Processing. Unravel the intricate steps of Authorization, Capture, Clearing, and Settlement. Understand the pivotal role these processes play in ensuring secure, efficient, and transparent electronic transactions. Perfect for those aiming to master the complexities of the payment value chain.

Acquirer, Scheme & Issuer roles

In module 4 we delve into the nuanced roles of Acquirers, Schemes, and Issuers in the payment ecosystem. Understand the intricate responsibilities, challenges, and interplay that drive the world of electronic transactions.

PSP & Orchestration

In module 5 we unravel the intricacies of PSPs, Gateways, and POPs. Discover their pivotal roles in global e-commerce, from facilitating transactions to optimizing payment routes. Master the art of seamless, efficient payment management in today's digital marketplace.


In module 6 we dive into the intricate world of fintech regulations. Grasp the essence of PSD1, PSD2, Open Banking, and the roles of governing bodies. Understand SEPA, SWIFT, and EMVco's impact, ensuring you're adept in the ever-evolving payment landscape.

Client Onboarding

In module 7 we embark on the transformative journey of digital client onboarding in the payment industry. Explore the streamlined KYC, KYB processes, and understand the pivotal roles of PSPs, acquirers, and issuers. Dive deep into efficient onboarding strategies and their impact on today's payment solutions.

Fraud & Risk

In module 8 we delve into the intricate world of fraud management in the payment industry, where losses hit $42 billion in 2020 and are projected to continue to increase. Uncover the top 10 fraud types, decline codes, and cutting-edge prevention techniques. Equip yourself with knowledge to safeguard transactions and maintain trust.

Domestic, regional and international payments

In module 9 we embark on a journey from local coffee shops to global transactions. Unravel the intricacies of domestic, regional, and international payments, exploring costs, SEPA, SWIFT, and strategies to minimize fees. Navigate the world of transactions with expertise!


In module 10 , the final module we dive into the transformative world of payment UX. Grasp the essence of conversion rates, explore hosted vs. embedded payment pages, and master strategies to optimize user experience. Elevate your payment journey today!
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Who is this course for?

Payments Companies & Merchants

If you're aiming to bridge the knowledge gap, ensure smooth operations, understand the complexities within payments, and seize new business opportunities, this course is tailored for your business.

  • Onboarding New Personnel
  • Retraining Personnel & Teams
  • Bridge the Knowledge Gap


Designed for professionals with some years of experience in the payments industry and those ambitious to lead and thrive in the FinTech world.

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We're dedicated to providing a top-notch learning journey. With an impressive 96% recommendation rate, and a 92% score for course quality, our courses are crafted to be hands-on, captivating, and in tune with the constantly changing world of payments.

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The global top performing organisations all fundamentally have 3 pillars effectively in place leading to accelerated and sustainable growth: People. Strategy. Execution.

Through PaymentGenes Academy, upskilling becomes the linchpin, seamlessly connecting these growth pillars. We ensure our graduates are not only enhancing their personal skills but also contributing to strategic innovation and effective execution.

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More Than a Course: Your Journey Through Digital Payments Evolution

Discover the fascinating journey of payment systems through time in our PaymentGenes Academy launch video. Witness the story of change and innovation that paints the landscape of today's digital transactions. At the PaymentGenes Academy, we offer more than just a course - we provide a transformative learning experience.

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What is a Transaction Processing System (TPS)? The Backbone of Secure Digital Payments

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