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Experience industry-leading Payments Recruitment & Executive Search, making you consistently hire and employ disciplined payments & FinTech expertise.
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Breaking News: PaymentGenes and The Conexus Group Forge an Unstoppable Alliance in the Payments and Fintech Industry!


Disciplined-Professionals Generate Results

Strategic hires

As payment professionals, we understand your business requirements, leading to future-proof strategic hires.

Holistic Recruitment

Our multi-faceted experience and service offering in payments provides unique knowledge, translating in better hires.

Hire In a Month

Our project basis approach allows for an optimized hiring process and hires in a month.

Brand Advocacy

As first point-of-contact, we advocate your company vision & culture like no else can.

Personal Payments Network

We have an extensive personal network of payments professionals to connect your company with.

Tech & Human

We use the best tech-stack to constantly improve the hiring experience whilst personifying recruitment.

How We Become Your Growth Partner

Initial Growth

Most chosen by:

Who you are

◆ No Talent Acquisition Team in Place

◆ Establishing Employer Brand Positioning

◆ Creating a Company Culture

We ensure:
  • External Talent Acquisition Partner
  • High-Level Company Positioning
  • Company Culture & Qualification Matching

Accelerated Growth

Most chosen by:
Start-ups & Scale-ups

Who you are

◆ High Volume of Specialized hiring

◆ One or Multiple Locations

◆ In Need of Specific Expertise

We ensure:
  • All Initial Growth Support +
  • Localised Talent Pool & Knowledge
  • A1 Candidate Screening & Testing
  • Optimal Candidate Screening

Maturity Growth

Most chosen by:
Enterprise & Corporates

Who you are

◆ Innovating to Maintain Market Leadership

◆ Adding New Services & Products

◆ Complex Policies & Processes

We ensure:
  • All Growth Phase Support +
  • Dedicated Partner for Global Hiring
  • Competitive Market Knowledge
  • Executive Search
Companies helped
Y.O.Y. Growth
Professionals in our network

The Next Steps


Identifying Your Business Aspirations

We want to understand your organization, company strategy, and short & long-term goals. The more we know, the more it enables us to advise and assist with making key strategic hires.


Understanding Job Requirements

To meet and exceed your expectations, we listen closely to your requirements, beyond the usual. We identify the relevant technical and payment skills needed for the job, the team dynamic and cross-functional team collaboration based on the characteristics suitable for your product offering.


Candidate Screening

We consult our personal network of over 73.200+ payment professionals, globally. All of our qualifications are performed by payments recruitment professionals with strong attention to detail. Candidates are challenged on job-specific knowledge enabling us to quickly yet qualitatively narrow down a shortlist of perfectly suitable candidates.


 Interview Management

Planning, preparation, and feedback are all vital to the interview process. We ensure that everything runs smoothly and collaborate closely with all parties involved. Throughout the process we partner with C-level, HR, and, hiring managers to manage the entire process frictionlessly whilst making sure candidates are highly committed.


Successful Placement

We handle the offer stage swiftly and professionally to ensure a successful and enjoyable hiring process for both you and the candidate. We maintain close contact with the candidate beyond their start date to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

Payments Knowledge
Driven Recruiters

Our Payments Recruiters are the first point of contact with candidates and you want the story they are telling to be the right one.

We truly understand your business, due to the extensive background and knowledge our team has in payments & FinTech. Through our multi-service experience, we have the latest insights and see where the industry is moving to, including your competition.

We don’t simply supply to your requirements but challenge your needs. Let us tell your story!

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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Bob Koster - Sales Director

"We were looking for a partner with specific knowledge in the Payment Services market, which PaymentGenes was able to provide. Our relationship was fostered by good communication from day one, where PaymentGenes really made the effort to translate our needs into suggesting the right candidates for an open position at hand."

Giulio Montemagno
General Manager - Amazon Pay Europe

"PaymentGenes has done some very good work helping us source great talent in the payment space. Obviously, our ambition is to create a successful payment franchise over the next few years. To do that, we need to be able to attract the very best possible talent in each market. I believe that PaymentGenes network in the payment business, its presence all over Europe and the track record that we have started building together will enable us to do so. To me, these are very encouraging signs of our partnership over the next few years."

Peter Majgaard (candidate)
VP Business Development - Konsentus

"I have had the pleasure of being approached by PaymentGenes. The result is, that I am now in a new exciting job. The process was very professional with an extraordinary level of dialogue with the PaymentGenes consultants. The two contacts, I talked to had a strong understanding of the Payment Industry and we actually had several strategy discussions, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

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