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The FinTech industry is a high-value market, driving high-stake IPOs, Mergers, and Acquisitions. Tech is accelerating transformation, and keeping up with these developments requires a solid M&A strategy.

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$16,8B Lost in Global FinTech Investment

1 out of 10 M&A transactions fail, due to cold feet, cancelation by investors, synergies & value creation between the companies, the regulatory factors, and political trends.


The knowledge gap is expanding.

In the FinTech and Payment industry, finding the synergies between companies and considering the impact over ever-changing regulations, is very complex and therefore enlarging the obstacles, which are in general already a potential dealbreaker. Market industry knowledge, tech-stack assessments, and specific regulatory knowledge are absolutely necessary for bringing the deal to a close.  For an optimized result, it is essential to provide the right assessment transparent, quickly, and efficiently.

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The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise

You wouldn’t go skydiving without a parachute.

At PaymentGenes, we are a full-service partner for companies in payments and FinTech. With real industry experts in FinTech and M&A on our team, uniquely positioning ourselves to be the perfect M&A partner for your company.

We take a personalized approach to our clients and provide a thorough financial overview, market position overview, and technical overview in a fast and efficient manner. Our goal is to offer multi-layered organizational growth tools to help companies accelerate their business results.

Our Tools For Secured Departure

Acquisition Agent

  • Fit-for-sale Scan
    We are used to looking behind the numbers, revealing the full potential and downsizing complexity.
  • Valuation
    We advise on implementing significant wins to ensure a competitive buyers’ field.
  • Exit Preparation
    We prepare tailored marketing documentation and prepare you for the presentations to buyers.
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Expansion Track

  • Fit-for-growth scan
    We challenge your strategy and make it future proof to make it attractive to potential investors or acquisitions
  • Determine Your Growth Options
    Growth capital, acquisition or both.
    We proactively help develop your dot on the horizon and identify a list of strategic partners.
  • Execute
    We prepare documentation to position you strategically towards investors or analyze potential strategic companies to acquire.
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The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise

Diminishing Future Worries with Aftercare

Following a successful acquisition, we pride ourselves as a full-service partner. In doing so, we love to take away any future challenges by integrating the business for a smooth transition and future-proofing the business through team expansion.

By providing talent-acquisition & business consultancy in payments and FinTech we provide multi-layered organisational growth tools for companies looking to accelerate business results.

Business Consultancy


Gaston Aussems
Managing Director - Mollie

"You were there to help us lay the foundation and continued to contribute along the way with advice, reflection and introductions"

Johan Been
COO '16-'17 - Ingenico ePayments

"An excellent job restructuring the team, embedding the vision and strategy in the day-to-day operations and re-building the relationships with the global teams. Jeroen is very strong in building and maintaining (international) relations and aligning teams to reach a common goal. He has a strong focus on vision and strategy and is able to translate this into day-to-day practice. It has been a pleasure to work with him"

Michael Roos
Managing Director - EMS

"Thanks for your great contribution to making next gen PayTech happen within our company!"

Bob koster
Sales Director - Owlin

"We were looking for a partner with specific knowledge in the Payment Services market, which PaymentGenes was able to provide. Our relationship was fostered by good communication from day one, where PaymentGenes really made the effort to translate our needs into suggesting the right candidates for an open position at hand"

Peter Majgaard
VP Business Development - Konsentus

"I have had the pleasure of being approached by PaymentGenes. The result is, that I am now in a new exciting job. The process was very professional with an extraordinary level of dialogue with the PaymentGenes consultants. The two contacts, I talked to had a strong understanding of the Payment Industry and we actually had several strategy discussions, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

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