Young, vibrant & driven team, here to positively impact the payments community

Our Story

In 2014, the PaymentGenes founding team recognised the need for ambitious companies to have the right payments professionals & expertise helping them leap to accelerated growth. Our origins, our "genes", lay deeply-rooted in payments as our initial founders are payment specialists coming from Adyen, Braintree, Ingenico, Paysafe Group, and ICS.

To this day, PaymentGenes employs widely-recognized industry leaders helping us positively impact the payments community through business & personal growth.


The PaymentGenes founders continued to further positively impact the industry with personal involvement in companies such as Dimebox (acquired by Verifone), and CreditClick. In 2020, a strategic joint venture with Payments Insiders extended the fundamental knowledge and line of service offering.

The PaymentGenes History Timeline

“The power of perspective cannot be underestimated, the ability to shift from perspective will open many doors”

Bram Vreugdenhil
CEO & Co-Founder


…are passionate

Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives.

…are inquisitive

You never know enough, there is always something to learn. We are eager to continuously learn.

…are courageous

We stand for what we think is right, and we are not afraid to show it.

…thrive in collaboration

We don't supply, we collaborate to meet each others' expectations.

…take ownership

Commitment leads to ownership. Ownership leads to success. Be responsible for your successes and failures.

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ALWAYS be Learning

The "Growth Mindset" at PaymentGenes

Through our multi-service & holistic approach intersecting around payments, we get to experience an abundance of vertical specific knowledge.

By speaking with a large variety of payments professionals daily, seeing how positions develop, working on a wide range of business & data consultancy projects, we know what’s going on in the market and what the future holds.

We utilise this unique position, to reach higher levels of understanding, accelerate our growth, and foremost the people we work with.

The "Organisational Growth" Methodology

We help businesses achieve their growth goals by focusing on the organisational growth pillars: People, strategy, and execution.

The Flywheel also functions counterclockwise, pinpointing growth bottlenecks by evaluating prior phases.

By providing talent-acquisition & business consultancy services in payments and FinTech we provide a first-of-it’s-kind multi-layered organisational-growth offering for companies looking to accelerate business results.


Ward hagenaar
Head of Consulting
Email: Ward
Bas van Donselaar
Strategy Consulting Practice Lead
Email: Bas
Diederik Klopper
Payments Consultant & 
VIP Podcast Host
Email: Diederik
Paul Schreuders
Issuing Practice Lead
Email: Paul
Venetsia Chaparova
Sr Consultant Merchant Services
Email: Venetsia
 Shubham Lakhani
Payments Consultant
Email: Shubham
Parag Shah
Associate Partner
Email: Parag
Malik Khan Kotadia
Associate Partner
Email: Malik
Sonia Morozova Payments Consultant
Sonia Morozova
Payments Consultant
Email: Sonia
Bram vreugdenhil
Managing Director & Head of Recruitment
Email: Bram
Jonathan POthuis
Partnership Director
Email: Jonathan
Emiliano Marrero
Partnership Director
Email: Emiliano
Anastasia Litsa
Partnership Manager
Email: Anastasia
Marko Kuznjacic
Partnership Manager
Email: Marko
Lohana Ramos
Partnership Manager
Email: Lohana
Nelis Karakash
Partnership Manager
Email: Nelis
Oriane Zandvliet
Partnership Manager
Email: Oriane
Alessa Bessa
Recruitment Consultant
Email: Alessa
Evan van Dongen
Recruitment Consultant
Email: Evan
Beril Yılmaz
Recruitment Consultant Intern
Email: Beril
Recruitment Consultant Intern
Email: Romane
Christian van Cosburgh
Head of Interim
Email: Chris
Tycho Ugen
Interim Recruitment Consultant
Email: Tycho
Benito Fisher
Interim Recruitment Consultant
Email: Benito
Bram vreugdenhil
Managing Director & Head of Recruitment
Email: Bram
Jeroen van Dijk
Managing Director
Email: Jeroen
Michael Tailleur
Head of Innovation
Email: Michael
Marek Buenting
Business Development Director
Email: Marek
Anna Velly
Account Management Director
Email: Anna
Adele Laurent
Strategy & Operations Director
Email: Adele
Jamyl Jonker
Marketing Director
Email: Jamyl
Elia Islane
HR Director
Email: Elia
Chief Happiness Officer
Email: Donny
Deputy CHO
Email: Zazu
Part-time Pip
Email: Pip