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Services that empower individuals and companies to accelerate growth in the fast-paced payments & FinTech line of business. Executed with a smile and delivered with a personal touch.
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PaymentGenes provides organizational services on the basis of extensive payments expertise with Recruitment, Business Consultancy and Data at the core for accelerated business growth.

Interim Recruitment

Transform your company with Interim Solutions, grow and gain a competitive edge by effectively deploying a temporary agency.

  • Industry network
  • Quick process
  • Strategic consult
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Permanent Recruitment

Hire the best payment professionals, allowing you to move quicker & gain a competitive advantage in our fast-paced industry.

  • Candidate network
  • Hire within a month
  • Niche expertise
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Payments Consultancy

Design, lead & facilitate the implementation of innovative payments solutions to grow competitive edges in organizations.

  • Strategy consulting
  • Organisational Guidance
  • Payment Audit & Optimization
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Master the fundaments of payments, simplify complexities, and pioneer change with our industry-leading course.

  • Master Payments Fast
  • Certified Industry Expertise
  • Drive Payment Innovation
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Interested in a tailored solution?

If you are interested in growing your organization with a multi-layer approach, combining two or more of our services allows for exponential growth.

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The Fundaments for Organisational Growth.

The global top performing organisations all fundamentally have 3 pillars effectively in place leading to accelerated and sustainable growth: People. Strategy. Execution.
Having these key pillars optimised is a key driver of remarkable results, scalability and business resilience.


We empower & connect
payment professionals
to facilitate growth.

With payments having become at the core of online interactions, the growing need to hire payments professionals & enable industry-expertise is more urgent than ever before. We’re here to connect our knowledge, network, and experience to facilitate business growth by focusing on the organisational growth pillars: People, Strategy and Execution.

The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise
Global Growth Partner

Glocalized Payments
Knowledge Helps Execute
Growth Strategies

In the rapidly-growing profession of online payments, having localized knowledge is key to execute growth strategies. With our Amsterdam office, we service our clients & candidates with local payments knowledge throughout Europe with specialized teams per respective region. Alongside our office in Toronto covering the northern Americas, we have global experience and a network to complement regional specifics.

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Peter Majgaard
VP Business Development - Konsentus

"I have had the pleasure of being approached by PaymentGenes. The result is, that I am now in a new exciting job. The process was very professional with an extraordinary level of dialogue with the PaymentGenes consultants. The two contacts, I talked to had a strong understanding of the Payment Industry and we actually had several strategy discussions, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

Johan Been
COO '16-'17 - Ingenico ePayments

"An excellent job restructuring the team, embedding the vision and strategy in the day-to-day operations and re-building the relationships with the global teams. Jeroen is very strong in building and maintaining (international) relations and aligning teams to reach a common goal. He has a strong focus on vision and strategy and is able to translate this into day-to-day practice. It has been a pleasure to work with him"

Giulio Montemagno
GM Amazon Pay Europe

"PaymentGenes has done some very good work helping us source great talent in the payment space. Obviously, our ambition is to create a successful payment franchise over the next few years. To do that, we need to be able to attract the very best possible talent in each market. I believe that PaymentGenes network in the payment business, its presence all over Europe and the track record that we have started building together will enable us to do so. To me, these are very encouraging signs of our partnership over the next few years."

Michael Roos
Managing Director - EMS

"Thanks for your great contribution to making next gen PayTech happen within our company!"

Bob koster
Sales Director - Owlin

"We were looking for a partner with specific knowledge in the Payment Services market, which PaymentGenes was able to provide. Our relationship was fostered by good communication from day one, where PaymentGenes really made the effort to translate our needs into suggesting the right candidates for an open position at hand"

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