Payments Consultants.

Access and initiate the top assembly of payments expertise. Different from traditional consultancies, we manage the best consultant fit for every project. Ourselves, our network or in collaboration.

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Our Consultancy Services

Strategy Consulting

Let us validate your payments strategy and facilitate the transformation into a business model that will also create value tomorrow.

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Regulation & Licensing

Let us facilitate the entry of new markets to leverage your business potential.

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Translate payments technology innovation towards a winning mobility-as-a-service strategy.

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FinTech M&A

Let us help you find the means to finance your growth strategy or optimize your investment portfolio.

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Payment Capability Assessment

Analysing your contractual & payments data for conversion optimisation, cost & fraud reduction to future-proof organisation.

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Vendor Selection

Vendors need to support your business model, sales channels, business requirements and provide an operational fit.

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Market Entry Research

Facilitate international expansion by implementing new market entry strategies or entering additional business models.

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Elevate Your
Payments Strategy.

Our strategy consultants will guide you towards a future-proof organisation, assisting you with developing new business models, products, and other growth strategies.

  • Growth Strategy Definition
  • Product Development
  • Value Chain Positioning
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The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise

Acquire Europe’s
FinTech License

Leverage Amsterdam’s Unique FinTech Gateway to Continental Europe. Let us be your partner and one-stop-shop to successfully conquer Continental Europe.

  • Dutch License for 28 EU Markets
  • Local Partner & Full Service Support
  • Operational Support
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Execute M&A’s
with Confidence.

The FinTech industry is a high-value market, driving high-stake IPOs, Mergers, and Acquisitions. Tech is accelerating transformation, and keeping up with these developments requires a solid M&A strategy.

  • Acquisition Liaison
  • Expansion Track
  • Pre-Exit & IPO
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The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise

Enabling Mobility With Unified Payments

Elevating the ecosystem with the preparation for open mobility solutions, MaaS, Urban Mobility, public transport, EV charging, fuel cards, and the relation with secure open-loop payment solutions.

  • Strategy definition
  • Market Research
  • Vendor Selection
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Payments Audit
& Optimisation

Get your Team better Insights, Improve Operations and Monetize payments data for business growth today!

  • Extensive costs & benefits report of payments data.
  • Review contracts, analyse conversion rates & asses costs
  • Negotiate better contracts & implement savings.
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The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise
The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise

Select Strategic
Vendors, Risk-free

As merchants increase their understanding of Payments, being able to sit between their platform and their PSPs, will give them the ability to optimise their payments flows. From optimising for costs, authorisation rates or fraud.

  • PSP & PSP Orchestration Layer Selection
  • Issuer Selection
  • Acquirer Selection
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Enter New Target
Markets With Ease

Entering new markets is always challenging, PGC supports merchants by researching new markets, analysing payment methods, and proposing strategies for success. 

  • Market research & Key vertical mapping
  • Identifying commercial opportunities & partnerships
  • Designing your market entry strategy
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The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise


Gaston Aussems
Managing Director - Mollie

"You were there to help us lay the foundation and continued to contribute along the way with advice, reflection and introductions"

Johan Been
COO '16-'17 - Ingenico ePayments

"An excellent job restructuring the team, embedding the vision and strategy in the day-to-day operations and re-building the relationships with the global teams. Jeroen is very strong in building and maintaining (international) relations and aligning teams to reach a common goal. He has a strong focus on vision and strategy and is able to translate this into day-to-day practice. It has been a pleasure to work with him"

Michael Roos
Managing Director - EMS

"Thanks for your great contribution to making next gen PayTech happen within our company!"

Bob koster
Sales Director - Owlin

"We were looking for a partner with specific knowledge in the Payment Services market, which PaymentGenes was able to provide. Our relationship was fostered by good communication from day one, where PaymentGenes really made the effort to translate our needs into suggesting the right candidates for an open position at hand"

Peter Majgaard
VP Business Development - Konsentus

"I have had the pleasure of being approached by PaymentGenes. The result is, that I am now in a new exciting job. The process was very professional with an extraordinary level of dialogue with the PaymentGenes consultants. The two contacts, I talked to had a strong understanding of the Payment Industry and we actually had several strategy discussions, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

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