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  • Elevate your payments capability

  • Improve conversion & decrease costs 

  • Select the right solution and partner for success

The Payments Opportunity

Payments are becoming increasingly complex, regulated & localized. At the same time, payments are playing an increasingly important role in the customer experience.

New business models and the increasing number of sales channels require you to stay on top of payments throughout the customer journey. Your approach to the checkout process should reflect your strategy for consumer data, identity, and loyalty. It should also align with your business model, geography, and sales channels.

The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise

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Merchant Services

We offer specialized solutions tailored for merchants across a diverse range of industries, including omni-channel Retail, Hospitality and Travel. Our extensive engagement with a wide array of market segments equips us with a deep understanding of unique challenges and needs.

1. Strategic Payment Consultancy
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2. Vendor Selection
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3. Market Expansion
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1. Strategic Payment Consultancy

Module 1
A functional assessment of core payment capabilities and evaluation against industry perspective and strategic aspirations. 

Module 2
A factual assessment of payment costs and performance, benchmarked against fair market value and industry standards. Thorough assessment of authorization and fraud rates including industry benchmarks. 

Module 3
Local market analysis. Deepdive in your markets to develop a thorough understanding of customer behavior, digital maturity, regulatory requirements. Assessment of payment mix and fit-gap analysis. 

Module 4
Payment organization design - shaping the vision for organizing for success and determining high-level roadmap.

Payment Capability Assessment

360 assessment of your (omnichannel) payment capability including 4 modules that can be executed all together or separately. 

Omnichannel Payment Strategy

Guidance  in enhancing omnichannel payment capabilities, as sought by global retailers. Design and implement the best set up from business model, conversion, user experience, fraud management and costs perspectives.

Payments Function Design

Expertise in organizing payment departments, defining roles, target operating model and aligning them with strategy, business models and future ambitions, such as loyalty programs and embedded finance.

Payment Cost Strategy

Optimizing the payment cost can make a tremendous impact on your business operations. At PaymentGenes we can help you develop a cost strategy that makes optimal use of your setup and contracts. We determine fair market pricing by leveraging data from 3000+ merchants. Empowered by the right data, you will strengthen your position in negotiating with your partners.

  • Scale your payments operation from cost center to strategic capability

  • Unlock new use cases and improve the payments experience 

  • Become in control over your payments operations

2. Vendor Selection

Vendor Analysis

We select the best solution provider to support your payments strategy. Based on a comprehensive vendor selection process we ensure the best fit for the your needs. We are experienced in selecting Orchestration layers, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), POS transaction processor, terminal providers, fraud solution providers or Acquirers globally, or for specific regions.

End-to-End Vendor Integration

After identifying the right vendor we manage the specific challenges to facilitating the entire integration process, set up and training of staff.

For merchants with specific complex reconciliation or orchestration challenges we are able to source white label solutions so that proprietary solutions can be run.

  • Choose a partner that is the right fit, now and in the future 

  • Limit risk during the selection process by leveraging our extensive experience

  • Benefit from our vendor-agnostic position in the ecosystem 

3. Market Expansion

Market Entry Strategy

Expert research and market entry strategies for merchants looking to expand their operations globally or into specific regions. We provide insights into consumer behavior, regulatory landscape, digital maturity and payment preferences in target markets.

This service is particularly beneficial for companies, which seek to optimize payments, fraud management and operations across multiple markets; or adding new sales channels such as D2C or marketplaces.

Country deepdives

We provide country deepdives including:

  • Payment Behavior
  • Vertical snapshots
  • Retail Benchmark
  • Scheme Mandates
  • Local regulations
  • Develop the right payment mix for optimal coverage in all your active markets

  • Understand regional differences and optimize your operations accordingly  

  • Identify opportunities for growth

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The right people form the right STRATEGY. With over 20 years of expertise within the Payments and FinTech domain we are well positioned to assist executives in making the best decisions for the direction of their company.

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The PaymentGenes Network of Payments & FinTech Professionals With Industry specific expertise

Reference cases

PaymentGenes has a strong track record of executing global merchant services projects.

Transformation to a SaaS and subscription business model and B2B PSPselection and integration

Global market leader in climate and water control for horticulture sector, greenhouse and indoor growing
Defined the requirements for this new business model. Global operating company, B2B payment method selection. Perform end to end PSP vendor selection, support the integration with the subscription billing platform.
  • Requirements Definition
  • Value Proposition Creation (B2B subscription use case for PSPs)
  • PSP Evaluation & Contracting Support
  • Guiding Tech, Architecture and overall Project management teams
  • Configuration, Testing, Support, Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Implementation of Revenue Management & Reconciliation

Market Entry and Global Vendor Selection

Leading German automotive OEM
Support in global rollout of payment platform (proprietary gateway) and PSP vendor selection for LATAM, MENA & APAC.
  • 20+ Market Deepdives
  • Partner shortlisting based on business requirements & business case
  • Coordinate the RfP process to select the best fitting PSP for the client in the selected regions.
  • Provide expert advice based on industry knowledge, in relation to local regulation, selecting new PSP, Card Acquiring Party and APMs.

Global retailer payments capability assessment

Top-25 global omnichannel retailer
Assess omnichannel payment capabilities versus market standards and develop future-proof payments set-up and organisation.
  • Analyse vendor strategy including benchmark payment, processing costs and risk-cost review on fraud and prepaid.
  • Research and benchmark optimal payment mix per market (B2C/B2B).
  • Assess and benchmark current payments functional organisation vs business growth drivers (financial services, loyalty, marketplace model).
  • Design future state payments capability.
  • Define sourcing strategy for the future state.
  • Create implementation plan to realize future state.

Requirements validation & RFP Preparation (shortlisting)

Tier-1 European Bank
Support in selecting the best and fit-for-purpose white label platform that meets the strategic ambition of the client in B2B, billing platforms and e-commerce segments
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews and review documents.
  • Analyze the longlist and shortlist of partners, utilizing PGC industry knowledge to identify additional potential vendors.
  • Examine the RfP questionnaire to confirm that all requirements are addressed.
  • Actively engage and challenge vendors during six vendor presentations.
  • Provide a comprehensive conclusion and recommended approach following the vendor presentations.

Global Cost Strategy & Vendor Selection Support

Global Sports Organization
Determine the cost negotiation scenarios and associated strategies by partnering or building the solution
  • Analysis of scheme and interchange fee drivers.
  • Benchmark transaction costs (focus on scheme and interchange, but including gateway and processor fees for completeness):
  • Analysis current transaction costs.
  • Fair-market cost analysis.
  • Benchmark and results reporting.
  • Validation of fair market price by relevant vendor.
  • Assessment of current agreements and interdependencies with possible optimization efforts.

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