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Payments and FinTech Magazine #3 2021

The Q3-2021 issue of the Payments and FinTech magazine is here! This edition provides you with insights on the latest trends and developments in 2021 for FinTech. You can read about: Mastercard's role in open banking, Aiia's open banking strategy, Cloud-Native Acquiring by SilverFlow, FinTech partnerships for success by G+D, and the hottest FinTech jobs.

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Content Overview

In this overview page of the FinTech Magazine Q3 2021, you can see a brief introduction to all the articles covered in this edition of the PaymentGenes Payments & FinTech magazine, with links to all the articles.

Mastercard: Unlocking the open banking journey

mastercard open banking fintech magazine

The increased competition within the FinTech landscape has been driving more innovation and customer-centricity. Read this interview with Mastercard to learn more about navigating the open banking journey.

Navigating the PSD2 Challenges and Developments with Aiia

aiia fintech magazine open banking

As society is rapidly moving towards a cashless society, fintechs, banks, and financial authorities have to constantly adapt to facilitate a safe and seamless transition. With this rapid change comes a lot of pressure due to the changing regulations and customer expectations. Read this interview with Rune Mai, CEO and CoFounder at Aiia (now acquired by Mastercard) to learn how Europe’s most experienced open banking platform navigates these challenges.

Cloud-Native Acquiring: The Key to a Future Proof Solution with Silverflow

cloud acquiring fintech magazine

Adopting a cloud-native approach that can handle complex environments is going to be the key to future-proofing your business. Learn more about running a future-proof acquiring platform in this interview with Robert Kraal, CEO at SilverFlow.

Fintechs and G+D - a Partnership for Success!

g+d fintech magazine api

The banking landscape is shifting and has done so for quite some time. We see how markets are adopting not only new technologies but also the providers behind: You do your banking with your retailer; you do your shopping in an OEM app; you pay with your “search engine”…aka Google Pay.

Read about facilitating secure and frictionless transactions in this article with G+D

Payment Services Powered by Ximedes  

payments services fintech magazine ximedes

In this age, merchants must accept debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google pay and other digital payments to survive, especially after the huge rise of such payments during the COVID pandemic. Banks and other financial institutions must offer these Payment Services to their customers in a modern way, up to par with the offering of large Fintechs.

Read about acquiring a PSP to obtain payment services with Ximedes here

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