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How Fintechs Can Help Save the Planet

In the ever-evolving payments landscape, Fintechs have a unique opportunity to build corporate social responsibility into their core values. Sustainability needs to be a key part of this strategy, in order to resonate with the customers Fintechs are seeking to acquire.

how fintechs can help save the planet fintech magazine

Eco awareness has reached an all-time high, and most companies in the payments ecosystem are responding to the new demands of consumers. That’s why G+D has stepped up and provided customers with a suite of eco-friendly products and solutions.

So how can the humble Fintech play a part in helping the consumer make a positive contribution to the environment? 

The first choice is with eco-friendly card materials, such as recycled PVC, industrially compostable PLA (made from vegetable starches) and even an ocean plastics card! G+D is setting the bar high when it comes to the quality of eco cards, and some competitors are scrambling to try and match or come close. 

G+D also has a partnership with Parley for the Oceans, who provide the upcycled marine plastic waste that gets turned into the ocean plastics payment cards. We all know about the huge problems we are facing as planet when it comes to plastic pollution in our oceans. That’s why this card is so unique and has the potential to make a significant positive impact. 

In addition to eco-friendly card materials, the issue of card disposal also needs to be addressed.

G+D has now partnered with Mastercard in a recycling program that Fintechs can access and provide to consumers. Issuance is another area where the user experience can be streamlined, with ePINs and smarter on-demand collateral that minimises waste. This completes the phygital experience that consumers are accustomed to. 

Once the consumer has the card in their hands, G+D has partnered with Swedish company Doconomy to help them track their carbon emissions via the payments they are making. Using complex formulations, Doconomy provide this service in order to give the consumer full visibility into their carbon footprints, even offering options to mitigate emissions in-app. 

Head of Payments 4.0 at G+D, Rüdiger Vogt states:

“Although Fintechs, banks and card issuers are not traditionally seen as heavy influencers on the climate crisis, there are significant impacts they can make on the environment by adopting sustainable practices.”

“Especially Fintechs, by virtue of their position as new, innovative market entrants, are expected to have a coherent, well-thought out sustainability strategy, and are also expected to have a product portfolio that delivers on that strategy.”

“We at G+D fully embrace this challenge and work with Fintechs and banks shaping strategies to become leaders in the quest for environmental change. And we keep expanding our network of partnerships for sustainability.”  

If you’re ready to take your solutions to the next level and make a positive contribution to the environment, get in touch today!

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