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E-Commerce Evolution: What’s Next?

Last June, our colleagues Ward Hagenaar and Oriane Zandvliet had the opportunity to attend the Becom Summit in Brussels. The event was a dynamic blend of inspiration and education, featuring over 300 participants, 25 speakers, and 2 keynote sessions focused on the rapid evolution of e-commerce and strategies for Belgian webshops to thrive in this fast-paced world.

Photo by becomsummit.digital.

Key Topics from Becom Summit

Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Growing Threat.  Keynote by Ed Sander, China Digital Tech Researcher. 

Ed Sander, co-founder of ChinaTalk and an expert on digital technology in China, delved into the impact of Chinese e-commerce giants like Temu and SHEIN on the Western market. Drawing from his extensive experience as a marketing consultant in China, Ed provided valuable insights into the strategies these companies employ to disrupt traditional e-commerce paradigms.

The Community Advantage in an AI-Driven World. Keynote by Dado Van Peteghem, Founding Partner at Imagin3 Studio.

Dado Van Peteghem, a digital innovation expert, closed the summit by exploring how companies can stand out in an AI-dominated landscape by prioritizing community and human connections. He emphasized that by focusing on the needs and desires of their communities, businesses can foster greater engagement and loyalty, leading to sustainable growth. Dado illustrated his points with examples of successful community-driven companies, offering practical inspiration for attendees.

Oriane and Ward during the keynotes, photo by Becomsummit.digital.

Our Team's Perspective

"The session by Ed Sander on cross-border e-commerce was particularly eye-opening. His analysis of Temu and SHEIN highlighted companies' aggressive strategies to capture market share." - Ward Hagenaar, Head of Consulting at PaymentGenes.

Visa presented an insightful analysis of PSD3 and PSR. Those contain mostly refinements of the current regulation. Still, merchant initiated transactions (MIT) will remain out of scope for SCA but will be under review as this is too often misused as an exemption. 

Wero introduced its proposition to the Belgian e-commerce market. The first use cases will go live with P2P. A promising set of use cases will be supported via a single API. 

Wero presentation at Becom Summit, pictures by Ward Hagenaar.

"Dado Van Peteghem's keynote on the importance of community was incredibly insightful. He shared real-world examples of companies that have thrived by focusing on human connections, even in an AI-dominated era. We're now looking at ways to strengthen our community engagement and build a more loyal customer base." - Oriane Zandvliet, Senior Recruitment Consultant.
Oriane and Ward during the Event in Mechelen, 2024. 


The Becom Summit was a rich source of knowledge and inspiration, covering crucial topics such as the impact of Chinese e-commerce giants and the importance of community in a tech-driven world. Ward and Oriane returned with fresh insights and actionable ideas to enhance our strategies.

If you're interested in learning more about the event or discussing e-commerce strategies, feel free to contact Ward Hagenaar. Join the conversation and let's explore how we can navigate the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape together.

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