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Digital Onboarding: How to secure talent remotely

Companies’ recruitment processes have moved online increasingly as a result. As organizations around the world acted immediately according to the health advice given by governments and health associations, in-person interviews and onboarding processes are taking a new form – a complete shift to virtual platforms.


How to hire Payments Professionals working from home?

Has your company already adopted the hiring and onboarding of new talent online?

The offices might be closed, but organisations cannot afford to be passive and not hire the people they need. Being able to make hiring decisions digitally and successfully implementing digital onboarding is integral for the future of businesses. This article explains some of the challenges that arise during that process and how to solve them.

The new remote protocols, do not need to interfere with your hiring needs.

Moving your processes to digital platforms by leveraging technology and using communication tools is a solution for not keeping your company at a pause. It is of extreme importance that companies are agile and cautions when recruiting.

Digital interview processes?

  • Interview your candidates by phone & video

  • Be efficient. Shorten your hiring process as candidates might lose interest when there are three or four rounds of interviews

  • Be comfortable in making a final decision through digital hiring instead of face-to-face interviews. We have observed a number of sales roles going on hold, because companies feel uncomfortable to hire remotely. To overcome this, build your own strategy and criteria. For example, create a case study and make your candidate prepare a pitch in a video call on how they would tackle the issue. This way you will be able to further screen their personal traits without meeting them in person.

If you need any tips or advice on how to handle remote working issues, like digital onboarding, digital interviews or else, please schedule a one-to-one here. PaymentGenes is here to help.

How to onboard remotely?

Execute a complete shift to a digital onboarding process, where new employees receive everything logistically needed at home and instructions for their digital onboarding. All documents can be emailed, all needed technology can be sent at your new hire’s home, and you can always be in touch by one-on-one video calls and video conferencing. The tech industry, for example, is already facing a demand for a new workforce and taking the necessary actions to satiate the hunger for new talent.

The fundamentals of a successful onboarding process is the need to make it feel seamless to your new hire. This requires extensive planning and coordination with various people within the company and their schedules. This is challenging enough when you are welcoming a new team member in your office, so when you do it digitally you need to take a step further. The more you do in advance, the better. Shipping out the hardware before the new hire’s start date and having all systems set up is a must!

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It is important to connect with your new hire immediately after signing a contract. Creating a feeling of belonging way before their start day in the stage of Preboarding can contribute to their decision to stick in the company for the long-term.

First day

The first impression your new hire gets is very important. Giving a warm welcome and creating a good feeling is found to affect 90% of employees’ decision on whether they are going to stay in the company. Little things like sending them a care-package and showing involvement by frequent video calls can be a game-changer. Your goal should be to over-communicate and to eliminate the feeling of isolation within your new hires.

First Month – Orientation

  • Before starting the onboarding of a new hire, make sure your internal processes and documentation are organised and up to date. Create a clear agenda and communicate expectations with your new employee.

  • As your new hire will not have the chance to meet the team organically in the office, you need to make sure that this introduction happens digitally. Scheduling “Getting-to-know-the-team” calls for your new employee is crucial for their integration.

  • Create an engaging digital onboarding. This could be achieved through video conference classes/presentations for orientation. Be sure to successfully communicate the company’s culture and values as your new hire would not be able to observe that in an office environment.

  • You want your new hire to feel supported and have someone to rely on. Create a “Buddy system” and match your new employee with someone that has been within the company for a while and can provide guidance.

Companies are still able to proceed with their hiring needs and processes by adopting a digital approach. Businesses need to adjust and become comfortable with hiring digitally and provide a warm and engaging welcoming to their new hires. This possible with the right amount of planning, coordination, and digital communication tools.

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An effective onboarding process can improve new hire retention by up to 82%

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