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6 crucial tips to thrive in your next job interview

Do you want to excel the next time you have a job interview? Focusing on the next few tips will increase the probability of getting hired for your dream job!

6 crucial tips to thrive in your next job interview

1:  Research the Company where you will be having your interview.

To be able to leave a lasting impression it is crucial to research the company.

You have to be able to answer any question regarding the company; what they do, the industries in which they are active, their major competitors. There is good chance that they will not ask for all this information, but being unable to answer these questions or quickly anticipate the next path of the conversation makes you seem less prepared and less likely to ace the interview.

TIP: Practice a 60-second elevator pitch about the company. This teaches you to explain what the company does in an uncomplicated way.

2: Company Culture

This complements our first tip, as it requires researching the company, but knowing the company culture is of vital importance, hence it’s own spot on this list.

The 3 key aspects of company culture that matter for a job interview:

  • Dress code
  • Communication
  • Core Values

Having gained knowledge about these 3 key aspects before you go for a job interview will show your intent to join the organisation, and on the flip side, not preparing will definitely make you vulnerable for severe criticism.

3. Prepare some questions

Preparing questions for the interviewer is essential for a successful job interview. A single question can show your capability of understanding the business and the tasks that you will be doing. Essentially, a company is hiring you to solve their problems, and the moment you can ask questions is the moment you can truly find out the company’s pain points, and explain how you would be the right person to solve them.

Here is one powerful question you can ask (even more relevant in Payments/FinTech):

“Given the pace of technological change, how do you think my role will change in next 12 months?”

4: Know yourself

You have to be able to sell yourself to the interviewer, by knowing the right things about yourself that are relevant to the role and the organisation. Preparing a 1-2 minute pitch about yourself is a great way to present your most important capabilities and experience. In doing so, stay true to who you are and don’t embellish your achievements. The truth always comes out!

Be prepared to give very detailed descriptions of your past triumphs. It’s good to have 3 examples of relevant projects that you have worked on recently.

5: Be on Time

As simple as it sounds, your first impression counts. Coming late to an interview accounts for 58% of disqualifications. This is an absolute deal-breaker, so you simply cannot afford to show up late.

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