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Q2 2021
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A Collaboration with Enfuce to Yield The Best Results for Clients

PaymentGenes and Enfuce, the fast growing FinTech company offering a SaaS cards issuing and transaction processing platform, are thrilled to announce their collaboration where PaymentGenes will be a partner for consulting with Enfuce customers, helping with card scheme selection, product definition, regulation and implementation. Check out this article where Parag Shah, associate partner at PaymentGenes interviews Monika Liikamaa and Denise Johansson, co-founders at Enfuce, to learn more about this partnership.

enfuce saas issuing

What Makes for a Strategic Partnership Between Enfuce and PaymentGenes

PaymentGenes and Enfuce share the same outlook and goal of bringing the most value to the customer. Being in a high growth phase, a collaboration with a partner that sees the world in similar colors is what enables both parties to utilize their capabilities towards providing clients with a new unique, high value service.

A Collaboration Model to Yield The Best Results for Collective Clients

Collaboration means we combine our strengths to deliver even higher value to our customers. To enable clients to succeed, we must start from fully understanding what they want to achieve, How does the customer define success? This is where other companies have shortcomings because they fail to translate client’s needs into a tailored solution. Failing to do that can be detrimental to the client because it can result in a product that is obsolete.

This is where PaymentGenes fits perfectly into Enfuce’s ecosystem as it excels in payments knowledge and market trends, allowing it to turn the clients' needs into a successful solution. Not to mention that the two parties can recognize opportunities and invoke each others’ capabilities.

Under this collaboration, PaymentGenes assists in bringing value together to their customers by building their cards roadmap, especially from an innovation, implementation, compliance and regulatory perspective. This will be offered in an “all under one package” form of service, with the lead objective to conceptualize and deliver a fully functional business, technology and operational eco-system to the client.

"PaymentGenes fits perfectly into Enfuce's ecosystem."

Impact of  FinTech on cards issuing

There are clear challenges that the legacy players are facing. Clients require the ability to issue and fund cards instantly and virtually to mobile wallet applications. The process to enable the client to do so should thus be swift and delivered within months. Issuing solutions also are more targeted and embedded in vertical specific use cases.

The pandemic certainly accelerated and enforced digitalization, which ultimately helped combat fraud and money laundering. The pandemic also helped in emerging new types of players that are focused on offering sustainable services. That being said, there is also a clear growth in the number of neobanks that are essentially offering the same services where we can help them with innovative solutions.

“Banking will be here for eternity, but banks won't. New business models are coming into foray and there is a clear and present need for stakeholders to change their approach”

"Banking will be here for eternity, but banks won't."
Digital transformation fintech banks in Europe
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The Shift Towards Agility in FinTech

We are witnessing a trend where established FinTech companies are required to adopt an agile approach in order to stay relevant. If you look at five years ago, new projects had long processes and required an extensive timeline. If that way of working would be applied in today’s fast paced environment, a product would be obsolete by the time it is finally launched. Thus, speed became key for any player that wants to stay on top of the game, and companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to speed up their processes and be the fastest to market.

The Can-Do Attitude

The biggest common work ethic between Enfuce and PaymentGenes is the “can-do” attitude. It is very intriguing to see that Enfuce always makes sure the customers get over the finish line even though they need to carry them there. This is also while delivering quality at a reasonable price, which is absolutely crucial for smaller organizations such as PaymentGenes. 

Contributing Towards a Sustainable Society

Mobility is a larger contributor to CO2 emissions, which is exactly the area where Enfuce and PaymentGenes would like to contribute to. An example of how this can be done is by creating  a mobility as a services platform where the traveller  can choose how to go from A to B and they are presented with carbon footprint calculations associated with each means of transport. This could positively impact the customer by encouraging them to choose the most sustainable method of reaching their destination.

My Carbon Action is a service built by Enfuce in 2019. The transaction-based carbon footprint calculator is built for fintechs, banks and merchants committed to helping their customers live a more sustainable life.
My Carbon Action by Enfuce

When building My Carbon Action, Enfuce was committed to making it revolve around people and their lifestyles. The main goal of rolling out My Carbon Action is to assist consumers and corporates understand their carbon footprint in association with their payments and change the way they behave in order to adopt a more conscious lifestyle.

Learn more about the Mobility as a Service proposition of PaymentGenes

About Monika Liikamaa

Monika Liikamaa is the CEO, Co-Founder and Chair of Nordic payment service provider Enfuce. Monika’s visionary thinking and her 20+ years of experience in the fast-paced payment industry has enabled Enfuce to integrate services for its customers in record time. Building sustainable solutions is a core value of Enfuce and this is made possible thanks to Monika’s wide knowledge of the industry.

About Denise Johansson

As one of the co-founders at Enfuce, Denise Johansson draws on her +15 years of experience within financial services to lead the company towards sustainable growth. She established ambitious objectives guiding Enfuce to expand, employ the latest digital technologies, and push the team further than they’d been before. Enfuce is now one of the leading fintechs in Europe.

About Parag Shah

Parag is a senior payments expert with over 30 years of deep business, marketing, and technical knowledge of payments and innovation.He has been Consulting and guiding many of the UK’s & Europe’s organizations in their innovation, digital transformation and new product developments. 

About PaymentGenes

The PaymentGenes FinTech magazine"Voices In Payments" Podcast are initiatives to positively impact the payments community, by educating and connecting the market with vertical-specific industry expertise.

PaymentGenes Empowers Business growth by providing expertise-driven Recruitment, Contracting, Consultancy Services. These services all resolve and intersect around payments. Get in touch and learn more about how we can help your business here.

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