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Barnabás Ferenczi & Rüdiger Vogt from G+D on Innovation Through Time as FinTech & Payment Development Accelerators

In the sixth episode of our new podcast “Voices In Payments” our host, Diederik Klopper discusses How to innovate through crisis times as a FinTech and the acceleration of payments developments with Barnabás Ferenczi, Head of Strategy & Marketing, and Rüdiger Vogt, Head of Payments 4.0 at G+D (Giesecke+Devrient)

Interview with the Head of Strategy & Marketing, and Head of Payments 4.0 at G+D
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With over 160 years of experience, G+D is actively helping shape one of the most important trends of the future: security. The long-established technology group creates confidence in global payment transactions, modern communication, digital identities, and data security, by providing innovative products and solutions.

Listen to this Voices In Payments Podcast Episode to find out:

  • The key factors for innovation through time as a FinTech
  • How to maintain a high level of innovation through times of crisis & uncertainty
  • How to shift your focus towards solving day-to-day issues during crises whilst maintaining the long-term vision of the company
  • The importance of a customer-centric approach
  • The most significant developments in local markets that are expected to have a profound global impact
  • How China’s Payment Ecosystem Shapes the Future Roadmap
  • New payment propositions that will come in and shake up the market in the foreseeable future
  • And more

If you’re curious to find out more about how G+D solutions Create Confidence. you can find more information here. Please reach out to Barnabás Ferenczi and Rüdiger Vogt if there are any topics covered in the podcast that you want to explore further.

About PaymentGenes's "Voices In Payments" - The Future of Payments podcast:

The “Voices in Payments” Podcast, is an initiative launched by PaymentGenes to positively impact the payments community, by educating and connecting the market with vertical-specific industry expertise.

PaymentGenes Empowers Business growth by providing expertise-driven Recruitment, Contracting, Business Strategy Consult, and Data Strategy Services. These services all resolve and intersect around payments. Learn more about how we can help your business here.

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