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PaymentGenes's Rebranding | Strategic Joint Venture & New Look

We’ve been wanting to share it for a long time, today is the day. We’re revealing PaymentGenes’s new brand & new website. "Every interaction we have is an externalization of our core beliefs." In our fresh new branding, every aspect has been taken into consideration, whether it represents us, but more importantly the people we like to work with, the payments community.

When we launched PaymentGenes in 2014, we had all had one goal in mind: to help payment and FinTech companies grow and enjoying the process whilst doing it. As we build the company, with no investments besides our own, there was one thing that we all agreed on: “We need a strong and supportive company culture for everyone who joins our mission, our company”.

We became known for our personal approach in recruitment, in a time where recruiters were (and still are) the “evil necessary”, but also for our knowledgeable approach. We became known, globally, as the recruitment agency where you build and maintain genuine relationships. This was our brand, PaymentGenes Recruitment.

Our consultancy brand was equally qualitative, yet less represented. This part, however, always had a positive effect on the level of knowledge of the recruitment brand.

"We always had bigger ambitions, beyond being a recruitment partner, we wanted to be a growth partner"

We needed to evolve the brand, growing into an iconic, global, full-business cycle growth partner brand. Representing a new layer on top of the brand we build before.

Over the last months, we pursued these integral feelings to understand our true purpose, whom we serve, and how we can take it to the next level. Our new brand is a landmark, of the journey we are embarking on.

Our refreshed Logo
Our refreshed logo

So what’s a brand?

It’s a vital differentiator, influences choice, creates loyalty & advocacy, commands a premium, and provides a platform for growth & integration. One of the lessons we learned from Thomas van Schaik, former head of brand for Adidas.

Pre Covid-19 picture
(Picture was taken pre-Covid-19)
Every interaction we have is an externalization of our core beliefs. Having this knowledge, we took a good look at “what & who is PaymentGenes”

Brand purpose is found:

  • Need: What the world needs
  • Skill: What you’re good at
  • Passion: What you’re passionate about

Our Mission:

In 2014 we recognized the need for ambitious companies to have the right professionals helping them leap to accelerated growth. Due to the fast-paced Technological fundaments of online payments, the industry is rapidly evolving and continuing to become more complex, regulated, and globalized. With payments having become the core of online interactions, the growing need for payments teams & expertise is undeniable.

"We're here to positively impact the payments community"

We also believe that work is part of someone’s identity. Most people in this industry find their jobs very important as well as the company they are working for.

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Ward Hagenaar - Principal Consultant & Founder PaymentGenes Consultancy

Being a recruitment partners means therefore three things for us:

1) We understand the company from the inside and the outside: Market position, working culture, responsibilities of every position, decision processes, history, products and offerings, opportunities, and challenges. Therefore, our team needs to be highly understanding of the market.

2) To understand the needs of the clients, their pains, personal struggles, pressure, time-challenges, more equality in work-life balance.

3) We understand the needs of candidates, their values, growth ambitions. We listen, challenge, help to express themselves.

Only this way we can sustainably guarantee the right match. But for us, it doesn’t stop there. People and companies have one important thing in common: Growth. We found that in most recruitment companies there are limited both horizontal as vertical growth opportunities, which results in a high turnover of employees. We invest time in achieving and maintaining a high level of industry knowledge, but how can we strive and stand for growth opportunities for our partners and candidates, but not offer the same for our employees?

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We have proudly seen our people taking their chances to grow in respected payment companies, but we wanted to be able to offer more. We also saw a trend in the market that companies want a trusted partner with a holistic view instead of a provider of one specific part. Adding premium Consultancy services is a very logical step in becoming the one-stop-partner for payment/financial services and eCommerce companies worldwide with growth ambitions.

Moving on to the second part of our service expansion, the payments data consulting proposition (web page soon). Data had become the most valuable commodity in the modern economy, and our industry, financial technology has only just yet started, the opportunity that lays in payments data is truly eyeopening. Adding Data consultancy and implementation services is for us the cherry on the Paymentgenes-pie. Helping to create a data mindset in the company strategy will make our partners even more future proof.

Our Methodology - The Organisational Growth Flywheel:

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According to the bestselling “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, the fundament of growth starts with having the right PEOPLE on the right place in the bus, before defining the right STRATEGY for the market, resulting in an EXECUTION plan. With our new brand, we can offer premium services for all three fundaments.

Simultaneously, the "Organizational-growth flywheel" also functions counterclockwise, pinpointing growth bottlenecks by evaluating prior phases. E.g. Underperforming Execution originates from and can be resolved by evaluating the “Strategy” etc. Following the progressive cycle of the growth-flywheel, The right “people”, build great “strategies”, and great strategies result in even better “execution", consequently leading to business growth, scaling and hiring new…” people”

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Read more about us, our story and our methodology

So, in summary WHY we are doing this: We love to help ambitious people and companies grow by sharing knowledge and work strongly as a team, both internally as externally. Building a strong fundament starts with people, defining the strategy, creating actionable insights followed by execution. We’re here to positively impact the payments community.

Our new look and feel:

In our new look and feel needed to represent what it would feel like working with us, professional, fun, flexible, cooperative, and goal-oriented. Working with us means automatically we will that we go for the extra mile. Using our recruitment services means you will get part of the knowledge of the consultancy team as well. Using our consultancy team to define strategy, but you want a permanent hire to take over, then you don’t have to spend extra time explaining what you want. Need to implement the strategy just defined by our consultants? Our Contracting team is connected straight away.

"Standalone services yet interconnected." Every independent service can work alone but has the advantage to be able to offer a holistic view. On top of that our marketing efforts are here to further educate the community with our FinTech podcasts and quarterly magazines. We would like to stay engaged with our network actively because our network is one of our most valuable assets.

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This article was written by Bram Vreugdenhil.

Bram Vreugdenhil
CEO & Co-founder PaymentGenes

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