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5 Essential Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile

Finding a dream job has proven to be a challenge that inspires professionals to change jobs. Yet, in reality, being on the constant lookout for the "dream job" is nearly impossible, so why not optimize your LinkedIn profile allowing you to stand out of competition and get found by those recruiting for your potential best career fit.

5 Key Profile Details Potential Employers Look At on your LinkedIn

5 Key Profile Details Potential Employers Look At on your LinkedIn

First of all as a recruiter, before I even come across your profile on LinkedIn, you will first have to appear in my search according to the LinkedIn parameters. In a way, it is comparable to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but for your personal account on LinkedIn. If you do not have relevant information and keywords, it is likely that you are not noticeable on linkedin. Using relevant info and keywords makes your profile rank higher and therefore makes you more noticeable amongst all of the thousands of professionals with a similar skillset.

How can I make myself more visible on Linkedin?

  • Link your job to the company profile
  • Start with an overview
  • Use keywords
  • Highlight your achievements
  • Ask for recommendations

The essentials to attract visitors to your profile

Bio/ Headline

Your headline doesn’t have to be your job title and company—in fact, especially if you’re looking for jobs, it shouldn’t be. Instead, use that space to succinctly showcase your specialties and unique value proposition. It tells the world, including me as a recruiter, how you see yourself professionally. The more specific you can be about what sets you apart from the competition, the better.

Profile photo

To increase your response and referral rates, invest in your profile picture. It’s your first chance to communicate that you are friendly, likeable, and trustworthy. These attributes are crucial to getting prospects to engage with you. Think of it as your first step to building your personal brand on LinkedIn and making yourself stand out from other recruiters.

This is the first thing a recruiter or your future employee is going to see. Make sure the photo looks like you, if you get to a first interview and the photo doesn’t look like you (better or… worse) the conversation doesn’t start off well.

Finally, your profile photo needs to be a professional one! Please, please please, no photo’s of you on the peak of a mountain or with your back turned to the camera, and most importantly, no selfies. Dress for the job that you want.

Work Relevance

It’s all about understanding how you want to be perceived as a professional and sending that message to everyone who comes across your LinkedIn Profile. Try to highlight your work experience with a certain goal in mind. Let’s say you want to become a business developer, then highlight your experience with more sales focus. Show the visitor how you can be persuasive, your track record of success or how you approach people. When doing so, don’t only mention your position and activities but also focus on your achievements. Having these kind of details make you stand out from the rest as everyone who has a look at your profile already has a better idea of your capabilities.


The 5th thing that matters on your LinkedIn Profile is your education and other credentials. Prove your academic level even if it’s not directly relevant, the vast majority of employers still require an university degree (or relevant experience). List any relevant qualifications, even if it seems not of value to any of your current/future employees. It could still lead to connection points or proof of effort.

If you think your linkedin profile could use some help, or if you’re looking for your next opportunity, why not chat with one of our consultants by mailing info@paymentgenes.com !

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