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44 Minutes

The future of core banking systems, blockchain and AI with Sylvia Mensdorff from FIS

In the first episode of PaymentGenes’ ‘Voices in Payments” podcast series season 2, our host Diederik Klopper is joined by Sylvia Mensdorff, Head of Banking Solutions, Europe at FIS. Listen to this episode to learn all about core banking systems, modernization, blockchain, artificial Intelligence and Data in payments.

Voices in payments podcast on core banking with Sylvia Mensdorff from FIS
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FIS is at the heart of the commerce and financial transactions that power the world’s economy. They are passionate about helping businesses and communities thrive by advancing the way the world pays, banks, and invests, serving more than 20,000 clients and more than one million merchant locations in over 130 countries.

Listen to the podcast to find out:

  • How modernizing APIs can boost the customer journey.
  • How the benefits of open banking have developed in the FinTech world.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and minimize the risks of migrating to open banking.
  • The latest developments in the card issuing industry and prepaid cards.
  • The future of Bitcoin and crypto coins as mainstream currencies
  • Will virtual payment cards fully replace physical cards?
  • A highlight of the services offered by FIS.
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence across FIS

If you’re curious to know more about how FIS helped more than 20,000 clients thrive in the disruptive FinTech world, feel free to reach out to Sylvia Mensdorff for a conversation..

About PaymentGenes's "Voices In Payments" - The Future of Payments podcast:

The “Voices in Payments” Podcast, is an initiative launched by PaymentGenes to positively impact the payments community, by educating and connecting the market with vertical-specific industry expertise.

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