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44 Minutes

Business Expenses and Digital Onboarding Simplified with Denis Kiselev from SnapSwap

In the second episode of PaymentGenes’ “Voices in Payments” podcast series season 2, Denis Kiselev, the founder, CEO of SnapSwap joined our host Diederik Klopper. Together, they discuss how to simplify managing business expenses and the road map for a safe and seamless digital onboarding experience.

payments podcast on business expenses with Denis Kiselev from SnapSwap
Listen To The Voices in Payments Podcast with  AI with Denis Kiselev from Snapswap on spotify
Listen To The Voices in Payments Podcast with  AI with Denis Kiselev from Snapswap on apple podcasts

SnapSwap offers Everest™ , a business payments and expense management platform which allows business owners to monitor and manage credit cards within their teams. SnapSwap also provides Snaprove™, a digital onboarding speeding up the verification process, KYC data collection and performance of due diligence of customers.

Listen to the podcast to find out:

  • The complications in managing business expenses
  • Everest, a business payments and expense management platform that allows business owners to simplify their expenses management.
  • What’s new in facial recognition and biometric authentication
  • How to optimize customers’ digital onboarding
  • And more!

If you’re curious to know more about simplifying business expenses management, feel free to reach out to Denis Kiselev for a conversation.

About Denis Kiselev

Denis established SnapSwap in Luxembourg in 2015, relocating from San Francisco where he also headed a fintech company. With a professional background and over 20 years of a successful career in banking and finance, Denis combines his expertise with passion for technology and innovations. He holds academic degrees in Computer Science and Economics.

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