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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Fraud Management with João Moura from Fraudio

In this episode of PaymentGenes’ “Voices in Payments” podcast series season 2, João Moura, the founder, CEO & CTO at Fraudio joined our host Diederik Klopper. Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing, but some are still unaware of the applications of AI, particularly in FinTech and more specifically in fighting fraud. In today’s show, João explains how AI can be utilized to combat money laundering, merchant fraud, and payment fraud.

Payments podcast on Fraud Management with João Moura from Fraudio
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Fraudio, backed by ING and Viva Wallet, is an Amsterdam-based tech company fighting complex fraud and money laundering in payments - Self-proclaimed as the only SAAS product in the market with top-tier Artificial Intelligence behind it.

Listen to the podcast to find out:

  • The use cases of AI in FinTech
  • Combating financial crime 
  • The developments in AI in recent years
  • And more!

Want to learn more about all things AI in the FinTech world? Reach out to João Moura for a conversation!

About João Moura

With close to fifteen years of experience in top academic and industry settings, he has acquired strong theoretical knowledge during his PhD studies in Artificial Intelligence.

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