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The Most in Demand Talent in Payments Right Now

As leadership teams and HR professionals in the Payments and FinTech sectors will testify, the rapid evolution of the industry is driving a surge in demand for talent with diverse skill sets. This talent hunt is driven by several factors, including emerging trends such as digital transformation, blockchain integration, and artificial intelligence (AI). 

To maintain their competitive edge, companies must embrace these trends, necessitating a workforce capable of navigating this complex and rapidly changing landscape. 

But what are the most in demand job roles in the industry today? 

Powering Payments: The Top In-Demand Roles

The Payments sector is constantly innovating. To stay ahead of the curve, companies require a diverse team of specialists. Here, we explore some of the most sought-after roles driving success in this dynamic environment:

1. Partnership Managers 

International payments brands are now more than ever looking for experienced Partnership Managers / Team Leaders, with experience across eCommerce and many other spaces within Payments. 

2. Business Development Managers / Sales Managers 

Globally, many payments businesses are currently searching for strong Commercial professionals with varying levels of experience. From companies looking for specialists in the growing Nordic market, to experienced Sales Managers who can implement effective sales strategies, drive revenue and head up Business Development teams. 

3. Senior Finance Professionals 

Experienced finance professionals are in high demand at the start of 2024, as many CFOs are looking for Finance Managers, Controllers and others to help oversee the smooth running of their finance operations. This is across the Payments industry, from growing payments solutions providers to embedded finance businesses. 

4. MLRO & Risk Managers 

Many global Payments and FinTech businesses are going through exciting growth phases this year, and are on the lookout for experienced MLROs to join their team to ensure AML processes are robust and that all regulatory requirements are met. CROs across the industry are also looking for Risk Managers to help support their AML efforts. 

5. Product Managers 

Companies are looking for Product Managers to play a key role in the entire lifecycle of products, developing comprehensive ecosystems of payment methods and help offer new and impactful products to the industry. Any professionals that have a deep understanding of pain points within the industry are highly sought after.

Market Update from Our Talent Experts 

2024 has got off to a solid start in terms of growth and confidence in the sector. Here our talent consultants share their expert perspectives on the Payments sector and the talent acquisition market:

Positive Start to Year Signals Exciting Growth 

Commercial and Compliance Lead the Way 

It’s All About Latam in 2024!

In Need of Top Payments Talent? 

In today's competitive talent market, it's your story that attracts and engages top candidates. At PaymentGenes, our recruiters are the first point of contact with the most sought-after candidates in the market today, so it’s really important that they’re telling your story (not your competitors!)

We understand the Payments and FinTech landscape deeply. Our team's extensive industry background and multi-service experience allow us to not only grasp your unique business needs, but also see where the industry and your competition are headed. This translates into a compelling narrative that showcases your company's vision and aligns with the career goals of top talent in the payments sector.

We go beyond simply filling positions; we challenge your needs and ensure your story resonates with the best candidates. 

Let us tell your story! 

Contact Harrison today at harrison@paymentgenes.com to find out how we can support you. 

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