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NBBI partners with PaymentGenes Consultancy, Visa and Orenda Finance to launch their innovative solution ‘Modura’ for financial caretakers

Amsterdam – 14 March 2024

The Dutch Industry Association for Financial Caretakers (NBBI) is thrilled to announce the launch of 'Modura', an innovative financial solution developed in collaboration with PaymentGenes Consultancy, Orenda Finance, and the support of Visa, a worldwide leader in digital payments. The solution is set to transform the landscape of financial caretaking in the Netherlands.

Founded in 2013 by Bas Benjamins and Anton van den Ham, NBBI has been at the forefront of supporting financial caretakers to professionalize and enhance the quality of their services through education, resources, and collaborative platforms. Recognizing the inefficiencies in traditional banking processes for their sector, particularly the long onboarding times that significantly delay financial caretakers in providing timely support to their clients, NBBI started to explore how this could be solved.

In an industry where urgency is crucial, the traditional 45 to 75-day timeframe for onboarding and eventually accessing client funds and managing their finances was far from ideal. Leveraging the expertise of PaymentGenes Consultancy and its extensive network within the payments and fintech industry, NBBI has successfully launched 'Modura'. The solution not only significantly reduces the client onboarding process to a few hours but also offers a comprehensive proposition tailored to the unique needs of financial caretakers and their clients. A case study conducted with Visa gives insights on deploying Modura and its integrated payments function efficiently in their day-to-day business. 

Modura provides an integrated web portal that offers insights into client finances, batch payment capabilities, and efficient report generation. Additionally, the solution includes an 'expense' account for caretakers to manage client income and payments, an 'allowance' account with a mobile application for clients, facilitating personal payment transactions. Each client's allowance account is further equipped with a Visa Debit card, ensuring card payments for daily expenses. 

Bas Benjamins, founder of NBBI, shares his enthusiasm: "The expertise of PaymentGenes Consultancy helped us navigate the complex world of payments and eventually got us what we needed to service our industry with a solution that our clients desperately needed."

This partnership not only signifies a step towards financial inclusion but also exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing and overcoming sector-specific challenges.

About NBBI

NBBI is the leading association for financial caretakers in the Netherlands, dedicated to the professional development and support of its members to ensure the highest quality of service in financial guardianship, curatorship, and budget management. Since its inception in 2013, NBBI has been committed to innovation and excellence in the field of financial caretaking.

About PaymentGenes Consultancy

PaymentGenes Consultancy focuses on enabling growth for companies via strategic payment capabilities. We combine sector experience and market knowledge with best-in-class consulting to help our clients create value with payment innovations throughout the payments value chain to strategize, design and implement your next-generation payment solution.

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