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Why are merchants still paying to accept transactions?

I often get the question from merchants and payment service providers why we don’t charge any cost to the merchants to accept CreditClick transactions. You should re-think the question and ask the opposite: Why are you still paying to accept transactions at all?

So what is CreditClick?

For Consumers: CreditClick is a new way of paying for your online purchases. Instead of paying immediately the full amount at purchase or at delivery, CreditClick offers you the possibility to take a loan and spread the cost over several months or even years. Why pay now a big amount if you can spread the costs?

For Merchants: As a merchant you are given the opportunity to increase your conversion rates by enabling consumers to buy with a loan to create instant buying power and, therefore instant extra sales at no risk or additional costs.

The CreditClick platform gives the capability to create substantial new business in the online eCommerce world at no cost. This makes CreditClick the first truly free payment method for merchants.

How is CreditClick disrupting the payment industry?

Most of today’s payment products are based on a traditional and existing infrastructure and business agreements created in the last century. Deploying new payment solutions that don’t rely on legacy players, requires a new and modern approach. For that we have created a new business model, that enables Merchants to accept CreditClick without any additional cost. We have created a modern platform following the latest technologies, which allows our customers and partners to have a painless integration process. Through our modern RESTful API, we offer a future-proof gateway, which connects PSPs easily to the e-Commerce and POS world. We realize integration in days, not months.

CreditClick e-commerce consumer flow

What makes CreditClick unique?

As CreditClick is a new payment method that enables instant and real time online credit as a payment method for your customers, a customer has to register only once. After which he/she has been scored positively, his/her credit facility is opened. This credit line can then be used instantly to purchase goods and services in your online store during checkout. The merchant receives the full purchase amount the next working day. This will allow the merchant to increase the conversion rate without any additional costs or delay in receiving revenue.

Is CreditClick a local or global solution?

Today CreditClick is accepted in The Netherlands and Germany. Our goal is to make CreditClick a Pan-European solution that can be used cross border by both consumers as well as Merchants. Today German consumers can use CreditClick in Dutch shops, while Dutch consumers can use CreditClick in German shops. As we are expanding our acceptance footprint and credit scoring capability across Europe, we soon will see CreditClick as a payment method in most European countries.

An omnichannel payment method?

CreditClick is not only a new  payment method for eCommerce merchants, it also features a physical in-store proposition leveraging the QR  technology that is being pushed into retail Point of Sale devices by other payment methods. Once a consumer is a CreditClick user, he/she can seamlessly use their CreditClick account to pay for purchases at CreditClick POS enabled stores.

CreditClick In-Store Consumer Flow

About Jeroen Mulder

Jeroen Mulder has 15 years of experience in the payment industry. Held various positions from sales director to global product manager. Known in the payment industry as a thought leader and speaker on dozens of payment conferences throughout the years.

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