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PayByFace: A Seamless, Biometric & Secured Face Recognition Payments Ecosystem

Every second of queuing is a lost revenue opportunity, of millions $ for the global retail industry only, while banking industry is shifting into a growing presence of both alternative “digital banks” and personalised financial products from tech companies.

PayByFace: A Faster and More Convenient Shopping Experience

Every second of queuing is a lost revenue opportunity, of millions $ for the global retail industry only, while banking industry is shifting into a growing presence of both alternative “digital banks” and personalised financial products from tech companies. The world moves faster and people traveling either short or long distances shape the way the transport & hospitality companies adapt to a simplified, faster and secured reality.

COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the established economic world to its core, some businesses were on the verge of bankruptcy, while many are struggling to regain customers loyalty in a safe social distance, particularly during the check-out process. With consumers having even higher expectations, brand strategies are critical post-crisis, in the way businesses start to interact with clients to both re-build trust and address behaviour shifts.

Developed for over two years, PayByFace® strives to enable global movement towards a cashless & cardless society using face as a highly secured virtual card. PayByFace® becomes even more relevant in the Covid-19 context, enabling brick & mortar businesses to offer a more convenient, intuitive and personal in-store digital experience as a significant customer satisfaction and loyalty differentiator for revenue growth.

As July 2020, PayByFace® is an Amsterdam based B2B2C fintech start-up company to create a seamless, faster and secured biometric face recognition low-touch payment, loyalty and advertising ecosystem. PayByFace® platform agnostic software, its plug&play SDK or full white label solution, are designed to “uberise” & “gamify” payments; a more convenient “on-line like” check-out process, extending the interaction beyond the transaction.

Biometric payment is a growing trend, exploding in Asia with over 100 million users today. Nevertheless, remains the corporate responsibility towards consumers data privacy, while also differentiating biometric payments to most immediately mental relatable model of mass-surveillance. As the 4th layer to existing payment methods, “touchless” biometrics have to establish as fully end-user centric by providing security, privacy and convenience.  

Customers owning an eWallet account either in the PayByFace® App or in a branded native integrated white label App can benefit of making purchases with a selfie across the partners network, without cash, card or phone. PayByFace® was designed to make user in full control of the payment process and their personal data; the system converts the selfie into an encrypted biometric face template distributed only to PayByFace® network devices in the near user area (data follows the user and its instructions).

Paying with your face is not only faster and more convenient, but has enhanced security vs traditional payments. PayByFace® ultra-scalable on-demand decentralized architecture has 3 cross-check points for authentication & transaction security validation: high accuracy for biometric face recognition, user geolocation preset distribution area and extra security optional PIN (additional unique features have been included in the product roadmap). Cloned card, stolen wallet, lost or no battery phone, would no longer frustrate any PayByFace customers.

Any business partners can implement a cost-effective / cost-cutting, still frictionless, check-in/check-out process. Biometric KYC PayByFace® unique on-demand decentralizes templates facilitates customer authentification in less than 1 sec (less than 5sec average transaction vs 10 to 15sec of NFC or tap phone). Either in-store or a bank branch, client acknowledgement, payment transactions acceptance, loyalty points attribution at point of sale (including ATMs) can be simply done allowing end-user client to both face authenticate in front of any 2D camera enabled device (iPad, phone, smart mobile POS, etc) and to “touchless” approve the transaction.

PayByFace® also facilitates a face recognition-based loyalty program enrolment, while customers won’t ever miss out loyalty points attribution (because they forgot the loyalty card at home). Additionally, loyalty programs, represent an extremely valuable tool for quality data so as the retailer – customer interaction becomes more personalized (also, faster check-out, more time to be personal). The intrinsic gamification potential, conjunctively with the described key features, does provide a significant improvement for the in-store experience securing a higher customer engagement and loyalty level.

Incorporating proprietary CRM software and out-of-home digital signage content management network at point-of-sale (personalised cross-sell, up-sell and gamification), PayByFace® is able to fast deliver an affordable merchant solution for a robust customer check-out experience and influence re-building long term loyalty through a unique and superior platform.  

PayByFace® at Startupbootcamp End June 2020, PayByFace® graduated Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Commerce Program 2020, the leading global accelerator scale-up in the field of commerce and technology, being one of the leading startups in the eight international startups participating, and almost 400 applications. The four months intensive program “has helped PayByFace® better frame product offering, facilitating the communication of the core values of its unique facial recognition payment system to both potential customers and investors”, says Mike Draghici, CEO & Founder.

The learnings and network of investors & businesses from both SBC program and Visa Innovation Program (joint in March’20), opened pilot project opportunities with large European banks, a major retailer chain in Middle East, a transport company and merchants in the Netherlands and CEE. The team is excited to scale PayByFace® across multi-industry global accounts use-case projects and to work in the post-COVID-19 context with the ten country-based distributor partners, to serve more coffee-shops, pharmacies, gyms, restaurants, hotels & spas, gas-stations, etc.

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