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Enfuce Achieves AWS Financial Services Competency

Enfuce, the Nordic payment service provider serving over 13 million end-users on its platform, recently made a huge announcement, marking a great leap forward in improving customer experience, navigating compliance requirements, and managing other critical issues pertaining to the payments industry. This article covers the Amazon Web Services Financial Services Competency and what it means for Enfuce’s ecosystem moving forward.

Enfuce is a fast growing FinTech startup offering a variety of issuing services including open banking and SaaS solutions. They are actually also an issuing partner of PaymentGenes Consultancy, allowing us to combine Enfuce’s innovative technology with PaymentGenes’ market expertise.

It's safe to say that this has been a great year for Enfuce so far, as the FinTech has also been named as one of the top Fintech Startups in 2021.

What is the AWS Financial Services Competency?

Now you might be wondering, what exactly is an AWS financial services competency?

In short, Amazon describes it as a certification that helps customers identify industry-leading technology, with solutions for banking and payments, capital markets, and insurance.

What the AWS Financial Services Competency Means for Enfuce

For Enfuce, AWS Financial Services Competency recognises them for providing deep expertise to help financial institutions and fintechs accelerate innovation. On top of that, it also helps boost customer experience and manage the critical challenges within the payments industry.

Known as one of the leading IT companies in the world, AWS is currently one of the top four public cloud computing companies across the globe.

And thanks to the AWS cloud, Enfuce managed to shorten the delivery time for their payment solutions by over 50 percent and has maintained 99.99% uptime.

Advantages of the Cloud in the FinTech industry

But a shorter time to deliver is certainly not the only advantage of using the cloud, as it is also known to have increased customer satisfaction by approximately 20% and cut the cost-to-serve by up to 40%.

Just to name a few advantages, leveraging cloud leads to improved data security, deriving data into actionable insights, and enhanced scalability. If you want to learn more about what the cloud can do to your platform, head on to this video where we covered the advantages of the cloud for FinTechs more in-depth.

It goes without saying that this is certainly a huge milestone for Enfuce and one that will give the platform great recognition and endless opportunities. At last, smart organizations leverage cloud data platforms which can put analytics into the hands of businesses and decision-makers.

Knowing that using the cloud is a no-brainer for every business, what would be the reason that there are still some out there who have not migrated to the cloud yet? 

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