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In The Recruitment Spotlight: Melvin Dom

This edition, In The Recruitment Spotlight: Melvin Dom, Head of Corporate Sales at Buckaroo.

In brief, what did your career look like before PaymentGenes approached you?

Before PaymentGenes approached me, I was working in the banking/ insurance industry heading several teams. I used to focus on coaching, (financial) targets, and building (new) sales-driven teams.

How did PaymentGenes (Michael & Jan Joost) originally approach you?

I was approached by PaymentGenes via a former team-member (Ryan In ‘t Veld). I was working for SNS Reaal when he contacted me and told me PaymentGenes was looking for a manager. I then met Jan Joost Kallf and Michael Tailleur at the PaymentGenes office in Amsterdam where they introduced me to the payments industry and explained the role of Head of Sales Business clients at EMS.

This eventually resulted in the introduction to a role at EMS, can you give some more insights from initial contact to being hired (and after)?

Two words immediately come to mind: fast pace! It took less than 1,5 weeks from the first contact to a signed contract with favorable conditions. Both Michael and EMS did their utmost best to close the deal. This meant several phone calls per day, even late in the evening. What I truly appreciate was the genuine interest in me. Michael called me several times to make sure that the match was indeed a match. When I left EMS, I always remained in touch with PaymentGenes. When I was in need for good people, I always contact them.

How did your career path look like within EMS?

Head of Sales Business Clients | Being new in the industry, it was a challenge to both built a sales-driven team and gain knowledge about the market and products. Luckily, I had a lot of helpful colleagues and management that gave me time to adjust and to build a successful team, and their trust paid out! Sales Business Clients became a balanced and top team, and personally resulted in a promotion to Head of the Relationship Management team.

Head of Corporate Relationship Management | I was responsible for the sales strategy and commercial results such as, churn and increasing the share of wallet of existing Corporate Merchants, supporting the account management of the larger accounts, optimizing processes within the teams/other departments, and dealing with DMU’s.

Head of Corporate Sales | I was responsible for developing, coaching, and managing the international corporate sales team, coordinating and leading the sales/marketing campaigns and implementation of new products into the market, supporting the sales management of corporate merchants, responsible for the sales strategy and commercial results.

“Because of the pandemic, the job description and reality differ substantially.”

After the Head of Corporate Sales, you pursued a new opportunity as Sales Director, walk us through the differences in position between EMS and Pay.nl.

The former CEO of EMS offered me the role of sales director and I felt that it was my time to leave EMS, leaving a great team and colleagues behind. The biggest difference was that EMS was more internationally focused and more divided into departments. As a manager, you were predominantly managing, delegating, and controlling. I was able to focus more on the main tasks, namely coaching, building the team, and achieving (financial) results. On the other hand, in my new job, I could get things done faster because I was responsible for the whole process. And because the role was new, I could also fill it the way I wanted it to be, which is an exceptional position.

Currently, you’re the Head of Corporate Sales for Buckaroo. In short, what does Buckaroo do?

Buckaroo is a leading full service payment service provider (PSP) specializing in offering next-generation payment gateways, omni-channel solutions, subscription services, and credit management for online webshops and corporations. Buckaroo is supported by its owner BlackFin Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm focused on financial services and technology in continental Europe.

Our customers recognize us for our thought-through solutions, dedicated relationship management, and good technical support. Because of the vertical approach of our organization, we have full insight into the sales process and the role of payments in your sector. Our team of payment experts will be happy to get in touch with you and talk about your payments strategy and market insights.

What do you specifically do as Head of Corporate Sales?

3 months after I started, the pandemic broke out. And because of the pandemic, the job description and reality differ substantially. Especially during the lockdown, the corporate New Business Merchants were not or not very open to discussing their payment strategy. This was a challenging period, luckily, times are slowly going back to “normal” and the agendas are filled with meetings (live or via Zoom or Teams, etc.).

My responsibilities are:

  • Further building the corporate sales team,
  • Reinforcing and further building our position in the (international) corporate market through consultative selling,
  • Responsible for Corporate Commercial results,
  • Accompanying the team members,
  • Building an own portfolio.

What would be your advice for professionals looking to take steps in the payments industry?

For sales professionals:

  • Build a network, build a network, build a network!
  • Invest in your network.
  • Gain industry knowledge and/or know where you can find people with knowledge/ answers as the payment ecosystem is complex.
  • Be creative (next to the old school sales channels use social selling etc.).
  • Find out what your added value is and turn satisfied-clients into returning-clients.
  • Finally, never forget to enjoy the steps you make!

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